Rajiv Bedse shares his immigrant secrets with Kathy Hulme on how to build a new life in Australia

On this video Rajiv talks about immigrating to Australia and what’s important to know about workplace expectations

Rajiv is one of the nicest people and his story covers how he a Civil Engineer from India and his Lawyer wife decided to leave their comfortable life at home to give their children a better life in Australia.

He went through many extraordinary challenges including neither of them being able to work in their usual professions. So at 42 Rajiv started a completely new career eventually becoming the top salesman for the largest telecommunications company in Australia.

This Cant2Can story is for everyone that wants to know how to adapt to a new life in Australia, and for anyone else wanting to get out of their comfort zone to follow their dream.

See Rajiv’s website https://careerlaunch.com.au
Email Rajiv heart2heart@careerlaunch.com.au
Phone Rajiv +61 409 13 14 15

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