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Excerpts from the book ‘Happy Money’ by Ken Honda

You have the freedom to choose your life
You can do whatever you want
Don’t let money stop you

We are afraid of so many things. We think it is about money, work, and people, but it is really about us and our fear of the future. We should not be fooled by anxiety and fear. Whatever we fear usually doesn’t become reality, and yet we waste so much energy on worrying, it is such a waste of our time, talents and potential.

Take a risk when you feel like you are being called to do so. It is usually the right direction and lifts you to the next level.

How do you know what risk to take?
It will be the choice to do what matters most to you.

Don’t let fear stop you. You were born with great gifts. The gifts you have are ready to come out.

So many gifts go unnoticed and forgotten because of fear – fear of trying, fear of failure, fear of not measuring up to someone else’s ideas of who or what we should be, and fear of not having enough money to survive.

If you are no longer burdened by the past you will be surprised at how quickly your talents will be revealed to you.

Everyone is born with certain gifts. Some people find them when they are young others may need time to search. Uncovering your talents and finding what brings you joy is one of the most important things in life.

Unless you believe in yourself and your gifts no one else will. Your parents, your friends and your partner may wish you happiness, but they can’t bring out your great gifts in the way you can. Because gifts show their shape and power only when you use them.

But it is not enough just to discover the gift. You have to put that gift into action. You have to be serious about improving your gifts. If you want your gifts to create value for others and to make money then you have to put the time in to excel – and ultimately sell your services.

When you take an inventory of your life all the dots begin to connect. Difficulties and struggles will transform into fun and adventure right before your eyes. When you start sharing your gifts with the world you will kick start the flow of happy money.

The more you develop your gifts and the more you share your gifts the more happy money you will attract. People who are successful in all kinds of fields credit their success to a love for what they do.

You are next in line to start something that will make a difference to the world in this world – something that excites you so much that you can’t help but do it; something that fills your life with meaning; something that contributes to the people around you.

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