By Wayne Stickel

How this man came to terms with his condition and rebuilt his life from the foundations up

By 41 Wayne’s behaviour was increasingly self destructive. He’d become an angry, heavy drinking, lying, shut down victim, partly as a result of tethered cord syndrome, a rare type of birth defect affecting the spine.

He wasn’t always like that. Wayne grew up as a perfectly normal kid who played lots of sport and did well at school. All that started to change at 14 when he noticed his right calf was underdeveloped and he also realised he couldn’t move that leg as well as he used to.

wayne1Things got worse as he grew older and taller where he progressively lost muscle in his right and then left leg. Later he found he had continence issues and his sexual experience was impacted too. That didn’t stop him being successful in the IT industry and getting married, but as life went on he was getting more and more bitter and angry with the world and kept thinking WHY ME?

wayne2At the same time he was doing his best as a father of 3 children while progressively increasing his drinking to deal with all those negative thoughts and feelings.

Eventually his marriage failed and he hit rock bottom. But like all Cant2Can stories Wayne found a way out. This is an enormously uplifting story of how Wayne not only came to terms with his condition but how he set about rebuilding life from the foundations up. This is a profound story of how one man changed, from vastly improving his health to dramatically changing his whole attitude to life including how he rebuilt his relationships with his children, his ex-wife and perhaps most importantly of all, his relationship with himself.

This story is for anyone wanting the motivation and some powerful techniques Wayne developed with how to deal with a permanent disability or any situation you cannot change. It also gives a solid dose of inspiration and a very interesting how-to-strategy to become more content, positive and fulfilled.

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Wayne has incorporated all he has learned into new career as a Mentor and Leadership Coach working with TechBeach Manly.

How to contact Wayne Stickle

Mobile: +61 0414 939 976
Email: wayne.stickel@techbeach.com.au
Web: http://techbeach.com.au/

Wayne can also be contacted through Cant2Can at info@cant2can.com with Contact for Wayne Stickle in the subject line.

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