How a deadly spider bite lead Kymie to
search the world for a cure – and what
she found was a whole new life

By: Kymie

This is an extraordinary story of Kymie’s fight to find a cure from the toxic Neurotoxins and Cytotoxins that were progressively poisoning her after a deadly spider bite.   This interview is more than a remarkable healing story.  It also covers how Kymie, a passionate surfer, had to develop a range of products so she could keep surfing.   This has now turned into a range of totally natural allergy free products, the Surf Aider surf board and a new life dedicated to helping others.


Kymie at Deewhy Beach, Sydney Australia

This story is for people dealing with deadly animal bites, poisoning or acute sensitivity to chemicals.  It also tells how one person came to terms with those changes in her body and how she has used that to not only help herself, but to also build a whole new life and career.

Kymie, pictured with the Surf Cruiz Aider that uniquely gives you the ability to surf/skate/ snow in one.

She originally developed it to keep surfing and now sells it to anyone who thought they can no longer do what they used to, but now they can!



Between The Sets – Short stories of survival through the passion of surfing

Products offered by Kymie’s See You Out There” Surf Productions

  • kyrie4Don’t wish it away
  • X-Sting-Wish (R) It!
  • Organic Sting relief
  • Between The Sets – Short stories of survival through passion of surfing
  • ”See You In There”(R) Benefits of Ocean Indoors Coming Soon!
  • Ocean Therapy(R) Available Now!
  • No one to turn to, now you do, “Just a Wave Away”


Download the Interview Here
How to contact Kymie
Mobile: +61 0408 273 551
PO Box 303 ASQUITH NSW 2077 Australia

Kymie can also be contacted through Cant2Can at with Contact for Kymie in the subject line.

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