dcideIf you want to bring a new App to market you must listen to this story

By: David Hunter and Leslie Hayden

This couple tells the fascinating story of what it took to develop their world class business App. Both had extensive experience assisting large organisations make difficult decisions often involving millions of dollars and thousands of lives. They knew there had to be a better way to make these complex decisions so they dived in to see if they could build an App to do it.

dcide2However achieving that turned out to be much more challenging than they thought and ultimately required every resource they had plus a healthy dose of synchronicity to ultimately develop this powerful new decision making applications called DE-CIDE.

The result has been worth all the effort and it has already become Microsoft’s app of the month. Plus they’ve achieved 1000’s of downloads since launch and it was recently featured in the prestigious CEO magazine.

The DE-CIDE article from CEO magazine link http://www.decidedecisions.com/ceo-magazine-article/

dcide3This interview not only tells of their extraordinary journey to bring their unique App to life. It also tells how they successfully dealt with those challenges as a couple, including how they came to terms with those who didn’t support them or couldn’t see the potential of their idea in the early days.



This story is for anyone wanting inspiration and a how to guide to bring a new business idea to life, particularly in the burgeoning world of apps and new software development. This is also a mature couple story where David and Leslie used their life time of experience to risk almost everything to create a world class app and in spite of many obstacles not only succeeded with a great business idea but have also grown closer as partners both in business and in life.



You can watch an introduction to the DE-CIDE applications
Books and resources recommended by David and Leslie that kept them motivated.

Leslie’s motivational recommendations
Ayn Rand’s novel – The Fountainhead
Daniel Goleman – TThe Creative Spirit
Howard Gardner – TMultiple Intelligences

David’s motivational recommendations
Napoleon Hill –TThink & Grow Rich
Daniel Kahneman – TThinking, Fast and Slow
Anthony Robbins/Robert Kiyosaki – TVarious courses, books and seminars

How to contact David and Leslie

Email: leslie@decidedecisions.com or david.hunter@decidedecisions.com
Web: http://www.decidedecisions.com
They can also be contacted through Cant2Can at info@cant2can.com with Contact for David or Leslie in the subject line.

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