Rajiv Bedse is one of the nicest people you could ever meet and this is his story how this Civil Engineer and his Lawyer wife, both left their comfortable life in India only to start at rock bottom after immigrating to Australia, all to give their children a great life.

Rajiv shares his very personal and highly inspirational story with his success coach Kathy Hulme.

Rajiv Bedse discusses how to become successful as an immigrant to Australia after leaving a comfortable life in IndiaHe went through many extraordinary challenges as an immigrant to Australia, including neither of them being able to work in the usual professions they had back in India. So at 42 Rajiv started a completely new career eventually becoming the top sales person for the largest telecommunications company in Australia.

Now a leading Immigrant Career Coach and Public Speaker he is able to share his wisdom and experience helping others overcome the many challenges so they too can create a successful new life in Australia.

This story is for everyone that wants to know how to adapt to a new life in Australia, and for anyone else wanting the confidence to get out of their comfort zone to follow their dream.

Books, movies and resources recommended by Rajiv Bedse :

Rajiv’s motivational recommendations:
Napoleon Hill – Think & Grow Rich
David J. Schwartz – The Magic Of Thinking BIG
Florence Littauer – Personality Plus
Robin Sharma – The Greatness Guide, and The Leader Who Had No Title
Jim Rohn – Take Charge Of Your Life (Audio Book)
Anthony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki – Various courses, books and audio books

How to contact Rajiv:

Phone: 0409 13 14 15
Email: heart2heart@careerlaunch.com.au
Web:  www.careerlaunch.com.au

He can also be contacted through Cant2Can at info@cant2can.com with contact for Rajiv Bedse in the subject line.  

How to contact Kathy Hulme:

Kathy helps those seeking a soul-centred life to achieve success and freedom through gaining clarity of their unique life vision and empowering them to achieve it. She has a unique ability to combine focus, compassion, inspiration and strategy. She is a certified professional life coach and law of attraction counsellor who loves to work with others aspiring to make a difference, while tapping into their soul-driven flow.  

Phone: 0401 178 450
Email: hulmerus@iinet.net.au
Web:  www.soullifecreator.com

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